A luxurious house in a large property.
Each villa holds 5 bedrooms and covers 200 m ² ( 2152 square feet ). They both include a big independent guest house along them, as well as an overflowing swimming pool. The land covers 2500 square meters (27 000 square feet).

Modern architecture integrated into its environment
The construction lies on the old formerly cultivated terraces and spreads out its volumes. The style takes it's inspiration from the local traditional architecture of the "pagliaghji". These simple small vaulted stone buildings are often covered with terraces.
The Arkepolis studio has imagined a house whose massive stone walls coexist with wide openings and contemporary lines. The openings vary according to the use of space: Plate glass windows, door windows and narrow loophole-like windows, all with sliding wood shutters.

Green villas with low energy cost
The construction is made of naturally insulated high performance materials, covered with real stone. The windows will have high thermal efficient glass. Southern exposures are protected with large overhanging pergolas and shaders, nevertheless allowing the light in during the winter.
The roof terraces can support solar heating and electrical equipment, actively participating in the low energy system of the villas. The rainwater is collected for the watering of the garden.

A comfortable path leads to the entry on the ground floor; this level provides complete access and movement to the disabled and wheelchairs.

High standards
The prints and sketches shown are those of the Southern villa. The Northern villa is declined on the same model.
The villa offers reception halls and rooms, entertainment and relaxing spaces and facilities.
Two different entries are made possible, either from the lower level of the garden, or from above.

On the first floor, a main entrance door opens from the private road.
The floor hosts :
- two rooms with a terrace and a bathroom in the northern wing,
- a vast bedroom with its private bathroom,
- a large terrace offering a wide overview of the nearby sea and surrounding mountain; a secured outside staircase leads to the lower level.
- a inside staircase that walks down to the main living room.

The ground floor gathers the main living spaces:
- a living room with a high ceiling and very large double exposure opposite plate windows, facing the ocean view.
- a kitchen, opened or separated at will,
- plenty of storage closets a wash-house and technical room, all accessible by a secondary door.
- a smaller bedroom with bathroom.

The swimming pool is located just below the terrace and secured by a wicket; It provides a shower and restrooms built beside the pool technical premise, in the guesthouse.

In this guesthouse one can also finds two bedrooms and a bathroom.

Preserved wilderness
In the valley of the Palasca village runs the brook of Lozari; Many sources irrigate the fields of Tegghiaja, where cereals, vegetables, fruit trees and olive-trees where cultivated in the past, preserving it from any massive urbanisation.
Therefore, Tegghiaja is today one of the rare constructible zones in the area . This peaceful haven, planted with young oaks and olive-trees, is near the ruins of the village of Spelonche and within less than 2 km from the big white sandy beach of Lozari.

Each villa widely opens on a vast virgin landscape: The mountains, rolling down into a valley of green hills, fields and orchards, all the way to the Mediterranean sea.

Close to the nearby shore, innovative projects are planned or in the process of realization, such as the productive pole of natural resources, as well as a center grouping small shops and facilities.
Ideally located on the road connecting the two major cities of Bastia and Calvi, the villas will benefit from the proximity of two airports as welle as big shopping malls. Also, the proximity offers the possibility of enjoying the nearby golf course of Reginu. Finally, along with the close Lozari beach, one can also experience the beautifull white sand of the Ostriconi beach.